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Misiones BodyCare is a locally based skin care company producing all natural body creams, oils and scrubs. The line of skin care products available through Misiones BodyCare are named Ashe, and they are made using only natural, organic, vegan and certified fair-trade ingredients. Misiones BodyCare has spent years to perfect their Ashe skin care line before bringing it to market. The results are products that are non-greasy and light and provide maximum moisturizing benefits and a healthy glow to the skin. You can shop the complete product line on the website (link is below) or you can purchase our featured products at the Red Bank Artisan Collective located at 43 Broad Street in Red Bank, NJ.

Ashe’s products include body oils, butters, scrubs and lip balms. The products are all-natural and have a light fragrance which is not overbearing. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and fresh without the oily feeling that some other products may leave on your skin.

At Misiones BodyCare, we are proud that our Ashe skin care products are produced and packaged entirely in the USA. Our Ashe Body Oils, Scrubs and Butters are light and clean and we have specific oil formulations for varied applications such as those containing apricot oil or argin oil which are more suited for use on the face. The Ashe collection of Body Butters includes an array of choices such as Shea Body Butter or a body butter made with a combination of Shea and Mango Butter, for an even lighter option. The Shea Body Butter is available as unscented, or in various scents such as Coconut Cream, Pear Fusion or Citrus. Each of these will have your skin feeling silky smooth and the light scent will keep you fresh throughout the day.

The Ashe Body Scrubs are spectacular! These items will make you feel great when applying, but they may also assist in providing important health benefits to your skin. All natural ingredients such as blueberry extract, cranberry fiber and Jojoba oil are used to make the scrubs which provide the skin with valuable nutrients such as Vitamin E.

Body Care With A Cause!

Misiones BodyCare and the Ashe brand of products was created with the goal of providing the best skin care products on the market, while also trying to bring awareness and assistance to those who have suffered from domestic abuse. When you purchase any Ashe product, Misiones BodyCare will contribute 15% of all proceeds to help victims of domestic abuse.

Why Does Misiones BodyCare Support Domestic Violence Survivors?

Misiones BodyCare was founded by Sola Adenekan who is a survivor of domestic abuse. Fortunately, Sola was able to end the cycle of violence and has committed to taking up the cause of helping other who have faced a similar situation. Domestic violence is a problem that has plagued society for too long and it spans across all demographics and socio-economic backgrounds. Many times, a victim of domestic violence cannot escape the cycle of abuse due to financial restrictions. Ms. Adenekan’s belief is that providing much needed financial assistance to the victims of domestic violence can help them achieve their own independence, which will then allow them the ability to leave an abusive situation.

Misiones BodyCare appreciates your support for their Ashe product lines and for the cause. As a matter of fact, Ashe means “Thank You” in Nigerian and with every product that you purchase, Misiones BodyCare offers a sincere thank you for your kind support. Please click our link on this page to shop our online store and be sure to use our discount coupon code on this page to save on your purchase.


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