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Heaven’s Earth is a quaint and inviting shop located at 5 West Front Street in Keyport. This store has an unbelievable array of unique candles, oils, stones, jewelry, incense as well as all sorts of meta-physical and spiritual items. Heaven’s Earth was opened in June of 2021 and has already built a sterling reputation as one of the premier gift shops in the area.

When you step into Heaven’s Earth you will first notice the fragrant scents and the calming atmosphere that the shop exudes. The store is stocked with over 50 varieties of candles in various colors, styles and scents. As you browse the store you will also find a nice selection of incense, essential oils and sage. Take a few more steps and you will see the oil lamps, jewelry and orbs.

Crystals and Stones For Everyone

The amazing selection of meta-physical items that is available at Heaven’s Earth is mind blowing! The store carries a large selection of stones and crystals in various styles and colors. The knowledgeable staff is happy to explain and discuss the properties of each of the items and help to suggest which ones may be best for you. The crystals at Heaven’s Earth are also available in a wide variety and are also of the highest quality. A few of the crystals and stones that are offered are the Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Amazonite, Seraphinite, Moldavite, Agate and Opalite. These are just a small sample of what is available and you will be amazed at the in-store stock of stones and crystals. If you are in need of a new stone bag then look no further. They have durable and beautiful bags to store your precious treasures.

Candles, Incense, Sage and Essential Oils

If you love candles or know someone who does, then you need to visit Heaven’s Earth. This store has a fantastic selection of colors, scents and styles from some of the finest candle manufacturers in the industry.

In addition to candles, they also have a huge selection of incense available in both sticks and cones. While you pick up your supply of incense be sure to view the beautiful incense holders that are available. These high-quality holders, are both functional as well as decorative and will be a conversation piece in your home or your office. Heaven’s Earth also carries Sage. Sage is an herb which is said to have medicinal benefits.

Essential Oils are commonly used for personal wellness as well as providing fresh and long lasting scents. At Heaven’s Earth, the staff is fully trained in the use of essential oils and the benefits that they can provide. The choices are abundant and you will surely find an oil that will improve your mood and your outlook!

A Little Store With a Lot of Love

Heaven’s Earth has an abundance of items, and if you are looking for singing bowls, Buddha statues, jewelry, animal spirits and crystal trees then this is the shop you need to check out! Heaven’s Earth is conveniently located in this lovely Bayshore town and has been dubbed “The little store with a lot of love!

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Heaven's Earth Keyport NJ

Heaven's Earth Keyport NJ

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